Référence : LUN-VID-MP3

Audio video photo camera and MP3 reader 8 Go

Short description :

  • Video resolution 640x480 pixels
  • Photo resolution 640x480 pixels
  • MP3 Player
  • FM Radio
  • Memory 8 GB


Our eye color video camera sports a digital recorder with built-in 4 to 8 GB, allows you to film or take pictures but also to listen to the radio or music.
The camera is ultra miniaturized and positioned at the tip of the left branch and the microphone is at the tip of the right branch.

Its built-in digital recorder industry remains discreet and does not interfere with the wearer of glasses, he recorded in color and is making its correct, its internal memory is 4 GB 8.

The loading of the battery is very simple connect its transformer provided with glasses to a wall outlet and after a charging time less than 12 hours you will have 4 to 5 hours of battery life.
With 3 million pixels in its sensor resolution is 640 x 480 pixels which gives a good quality video file saved in AVI format.

Our glasses are generally used in the world of extreme sports filming your exploits, they are also practical in the field of investigation, both by journalists and can also be used by the Police.


 Connexion PC USB 2.0  
 Type mémoire Mémoire interne
 Enregistrement vidéo Format d’enregistrement AVI 16~20 ims
SNR Ecouteur : >=90dB
Speaker : >= 88dB
Résolution  640 x 480 pixels
 Lecture de fichier Sortie max écouteur  (G) 75 mW + (R) 75 mW (320 Ohm)
Débit MP3 16 K bps - 320 K bps
Fréquence 20HZ à 20KHz
SNR >= 90 dB
Degré de distortion  <= 0.05%
 Radio FM Fréquences reçues   76Mhz - 90 Mhz / 87.5Mhz - 108Mhz
Nombre de canal 20
Sortie max écouteur (G) 75 mW + (R) 75 mW (320 Ohm)
SNR 50 dB
 Caméra Capteur CMOS 300 000 pixels, résolution 640 x 480 
 Format multimédia MP3, WMA, AMR, WAR 
Température d’utilisation -5°C à +40°C 
 Système d’exploitation Windows 98/SE/ME/2000/XP/Vista 
 Poids 64 g 
Dimensions 150 x 165 x 38 mm



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