Référence : KIT-DVR64-24

2.4G Wireless Camera Kit. Mimi recorder and micro camera 470 lines

Short description :

  • Recording function is continuous with remote
  • 2.4 Ghz Wireless Camera CCD 470 Lines 0.5 Lux.
  • Micro SD card recording up to 8 GB
  • Power Kit compact standalone


Our compact without recording kit son with his camera in 470 lines CCD is perfect for a discreet CCTV short or long term, the DVR operates in continuous recording.

Our mini DVR Digital Compact integrates a 2.4 GHz receiver (video signal) to 4 channels, so you can connect 4 cameras there but you can not save the image of one.

One of his main strengths is its power, it works in 5 volt allowing it to directly connect to our external battery for those who desire to improve the backup of the mini digital recorder, we will offer an optional Ni -Mh 4600 mAh (4.6 Ah).
Well connected to the recorder (Mini USB came on), you get a battery backup of about xxxx.

You also have the choice of AC power through its transformer 220 / 5 volt (supplied).

The description of our Wireless Camera 2.4 Ghz with a miniaturized CCD 470 lines of color. It is equipped with a pinhole type lens (pinhole). It is concealable behind a hole 1 to 2 millimeters and scope of the audio video is a little over 100 meters without obstacles or interference (If the signal must pass through partitions, walls or other, he will be much weakened).

We provide you with the camera supports standard scratch stickers are designed to secure the camera in front (objective against a window for example) or back (eg against a wall or other).
If you want to increase the autonomy of our micro camera, we offer on our website the option of a support 12-volt batteries (8 x 1.5 volts) for prolonged use.

To use your camera's wireless streaming you can directly plugged into the mains, the processor 220 / 12 volts is supplied in the kit and then opt for our optional external battery BA 46 Ni-Mh 4600 mAh (4.6 Ah ) in addition to the support cells.


 Fréquence  2414, 2432, 2450, 2468, 2370, 2390, 2490, 2510MHz
 Sensibilité -90dBm
 Enregistrement Audio ; wav, sample par seconde : 64 KHz
enregistrement A/V : MPEG4
résolution : 640 x 480 , 320 x 240
 LCD 2.5’’TFT LCD, haute définition 960x234
 Format vidéo AVI
Audio MP3, WAV
 Enregistrement Audio ; wav, sample par seconde : 64 KHz
enregistrement A/V : MPEG4
résolution : 640 x 480 , 320 x 240
 Sortie  audio : stéréo, 20HZ~20Khz
Vidéo : 75 Ω/1.0Vp-p, NTSC/PAL
 Entrée audio : stéréo, 20HZ~20Khz
Vidéo : 75 Ω/1.0Vp-p, NTSC/PAL
sortie casque 16 Ω/40mW, 32 Ω/30mW max
 haut-parleur intégré 8 Ω/ 0.5W
Mémoire  Interne : 64Mo
Carte micro SD : jusqu’à 4 Go Max
 Système d’exploitation Windows XP /Vista
 Interface  USB2.0
 Système de fichier FAT
 chargeur AC 110V~240V/DC5V/500mA
 Batterie 3.7V/750mAh Lithium
 autonomie autonomie
Dimension (mm) 81 x 54 x 14
poids 74 g
Température d’utilisation 0~50°C
 Capteur d’image 1/4’’ panasonic CCD
 Système de scan 625 lines, 50hz
 synchronisation système  interne
 illumination minimum 0.5 Lux (F1.2, 5600°K)
 Résolution horizontal 470 lignes (Digital signal intensified disposing)
 Fréquence 2.410 / 2.430 / 2.450 / 2470 Ghz
 puissance  50 mW
 balance des blancs 3200 - 10000°K
 3200 - 10000°K 52 dB(min) / 60 dB(max) (gain automatique)
 shutter électronique 1/50~1/100 000sec
 ouverture automatique shutter électronique automatique
 lentille conique,  en  verre
 Sortie vidéo 1.0 Vp-p à 75 Ohm
 Température -20°C - +50°C
 Consommantion 95mA
 alimentation DC 12V +/- 1V
 Dimension  33 x 25x 22 mm
Poids 26g


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