Référence : DVR-1000

HD Professional audio video portative 160 Go digital recorder MPEG 4

Short description :

  • Digital Audio Recorder / MPEG 4 Portable Video
  • HD video up to 1280 x 960 pixels at 25 fps
  • 120 GB of internal memory & SDHC up to 32GB
  • Recording: Motion detection, continuous, programmed
  • Motion detection in 16 areas
  • A single wire between the camera and recorder
  • Timestamp videos
  • Hardware and recording protected by password
  • Microphone Gain Control
  • 3.5 inch screen integrated
  • Retrieving videos by drag and drop via USB
  • Enable / disable the hard drive rewriting mode
  • Interface and instructions in French


This digital recorder can record audio / video in high definition with a maximum resolution of 1260 x 960 pixels up to 25 frames / second AVI format standard recognized by all media players.
It has a 160 GB hard drive and can also get SD cards up to 32GB

Three recording modes you will be permitted:

- 1) A motion detection, the recorder is only triggered if there is activity on the images that analysis. The monitored area is divided into 16 parties.Vous can enable / disable each of these 16 zones.

- 2) Manually, directly with the buttons on the unit or if you have chosen the "remote", with the keys of it.

- 3) In scheduling: 01/01/2008 from 12:00 to 14:00 for example.
Its main advantage comes from its trigger motion detection, that is to say that analyzes the images and will only record when there is activity on this image. This feature allows you to save memory. In addition, it will make it easier when searching because you will be sequences triggered by the detection. An overlay of the date and time of each recorded image indelibly will help you in your search for your records and forensic applications.

Our DVR-1000 is going to record audio / video format AVI (MPEG4) and you can immediately view them:

- Either on your computer through its USB cable,
- On your TV via the RCA cable (A / V OUT)
- Either directly on its color screen TFT-LCD 3.5''(320 x 240) Backlit high contrast with good visual quality (during and after registration). A menu with thumbnails will help in this case to the replay of video recordings.

You can also lock the full access to the recorder, LCD interface and USB port for retrieving records audio / video. A password will be required to unlock the device.

For each recording mode, you will include the ability to configure:

- Quality: High 5Mbps / average 3.3Mbps / 2.5Mbps low
- The format: 352x288 / 640x480 / 720x576 / 1024x768 / 1280x720 / 1280x960 px
- The number of frames per second: 1 / 5 / 15 / 20 / 25
- The sensitivity of the microphone audio
- The timestamp and the overlay (On / Off): frame counter / date DD-MM-YYYY HH, MM, SS / Name of the recorder / recording time used and remaining
- Re-writing the disc if it is full: On / Off
- Sensitivity of motion detection (for motion detection mode)

The 160 GB hard drive lets you store such as:

- 5:20 p.m. video format 1280 x 960 px at 25 fps in high quality 5Mbps.
- 25H40 video format 720x576 px at 25 fps in high quality 5Mbps.
- 263 Hours of Video format 640x480 px at 15 fps 3.3Mbps as normal.
- 5260 Hours of video at 352x288 px with a second image 2.5Mbps in low quality.

Its integrated lithium battery will allow you to power a camera and make a continuous recording of approximately 3 hours.
An extension of 15.6 A lithium battery available as an option will allow you the same configuration in a backup time of around 2:30 p.m. in continuous recording.

You have three options to connect a camera to your portable digital recorder:

- 1) Our DVR-1000 delivers direct power supply for most of our hidden cameras (type button, hidden camera tie, paw, etc ...) directly on the audio / video cord jack 2.5 mm (see the cameras following optional). Which eliminates the contribution of a battery for the camera and facilitates connections, there will be a single wire.

- 2) You also have a second input audio / video 3.5 mm jack for connecting other types of cameras (with RCA plugs), these must be supplied separately.

- 3) Third possibility to connect on the remote control optional. You can thanks to her, a camera feed 12 volts and delete the same time complicated connections while controlling your remote DVR 1000.

The remote control device comprises:

- In WIRED: A hose connected to the recorder with a small box-end receiver with three toggle buttons for the following functions: ON, OFF (stop of the camera) and REC for recording.
For information on this case, you have a video / audio input that can also power a camera 12 Volts. It will only be for a short-term use because of the limited autonomy of the assembly thus mounted (RCA patch cable that came with the option).

- In WIRELESS: A remote control containing the same functionality, ON, OFF and REC. The scope of it is around a hundred feet.

We offer a variety of optional accessories with include:

- An extension of 15.6 to lithium to increase the backup time to 2:30 p.m. in continuous recording.
- A radio command to activate / deactivate the remote recording.
- Support DVR-1000 receiver on tripod with 1.2 / 2.4 Ghz integrated.
- Car adapter 12/24 volts.
- Hidden camera type or paw fed directly from the recorder.
- A holster.


Enregistreur numérique audio / vidéo 
Mémoire HDD 1.8" de 160 Go - et SDHC card jusqu'à 32 Go
Système vidéo Détection automatique PAL/NTSC
Mode d'enregistrement    Normal /détection de mouvement / programmation / Pre-event 
résolution maximum 720P (1280x960 pixels)
Sortie vidéo

Composite : PAL / NTSC

Entrée vidéo Composite : PAL / NTSC
Résolution 352x288 / 640x480 / 720x576 / 1024x768 / 1280x720 / 1280x960 px
débit image 1 / 5 / 10 /20 /30 ips ajustable
Format vidéo MPEG-4 ASF(compatible avec Windows Media Player )
Format photo JPEG
Stockage Disque dur 120 Go intégré et carte SD jusqu’à 32Go SDHC
format date &heure DD-MM-YYYY HH,MM,SS
Ialimentation 5V pour caméra DC12V 180mA Max
alimentation 12V pour caméra  DC5V 250mA Max
Interface PC USB 2.0
Consommation 650 mA soit 3 Heures en enregistrement + alimentation caméra
14H30 avec son extenssion batterie 15.6 A
Batterie 3.7V 2200mA Batterie Lithium extractible rechargeable
Alimentation DC5V 2A
Dimensions (Lx haut x prof) 130 mm x 83 mm x 26 mm
Poids 263 grammes


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