Référence : DVR-5116

Digital CCTV 16 channels audio video H.264 recorder

Short description :

  • 16 channels Video and 1 independent audio channels
  • Remote access through Internet videos and historical
  • Remote access via cell phone on Windows Mobile
  • Audio Recording video H.264 720 x 576 pixels
  • 25 to 1 images per second per channel depending on video format
  • Menu interface terminal with French and USB mouseUp to 2 hard drives of 1TB SATA
  • DVD and USB integrated
  • Pentaplex (live monitoring, recording, playback, Internet access and simultaneous backup)
  • Bakcup distance
  • Up to 64 cameras on the same interface, the recorder can be in different locations
  • Recording Motion detection, scheduled and emergency mode
  • Search by date or event
  • Protection by password
  • Send email for each event with attached photo and video


The security solution the simplest and most effective way to fight against any rudeness, damage or burglary is to monitor your assets, monitor, record and transmit images and sound from video cameras in color or black and white.

Our recorder storage DVR 5116 is a sixteen video channels and audio recording in H.264 for a resolution of 720 X 576 pixels at 25 fps, the menu administration is French and can be managed remotely via the Internet with your computer directly on the recorder using its buttons or using the mouse.

You have remote access to the videos via the Internet and mobile phone (windows mobile).

You can install in our recording up to 2 hard drives of 1 TB (Terra Byte) in SATA for total memory capacity of two lands, it also includes a DVD burner and a USB port for file management and backup directly on recorder storage.
You can also perform backups remotely via the Internet from anywhere in the world. Records may be in motion detection, or programmed directly into emergency mode. The archive search is by date or event you receive ouvez same event photo and video attached.

The struggle against shrinkage and degradation of our property is a real scourge, the democratization of video surveillance in Europe is acknowledged. With our DVR 5116, you can view your live cameras or view files saved. Consultation live video or recorded can be done locally or remotely via the Internet. Furthermore our recorder you can view the videos via a mobile phone running Windows Mobile 6.

Access to our recorder digital storage is secure. In fact, you can set up multiple user accounts or non-restrictive (administrator or guest) protected by a password.
Our DVR 5116 is a standalone video server, it does not need a computer, monitor or keyboard. It sets out when the connection to the current 220V. You can have 1 to 64 cameras connected to video recorders and more may be on the same management interface.

Active Concept Media has selected this recorder for the following reasons: it is a real video server, our digital 16-channel DVR is ideal for users who want a simple installation and efficient.
It has the main options: registration update by USB, recording schedule ...

The team recorder stores, businesses, homes, restaurants, hotels ... It comes with all hardware needed for installation.

To install your security system, you can retrieve the map of your home, warehouse, shop, hotel or other by a system of industrial and import it into our recording storage. Set your infrared video cameras, PTZ cameras, mini cameras, dome camera video on your plan. You can name them and so know the area where an alert is triggered.

With this recorder you have a real security system and lets you watch live and remote stores your 24/24, your company, your family, your house, your apartment from anywhere in the world.


   DVR5116 16 VOIES
Compression   H.264
Format du signal NTSC or PAL (Auto Selected)
Entrée vidéo  Entrées composite 16 BNC
Sortie vidéo

Sortie Composite 1 BNC / Sortie Spot Composite 1 BNC

 / Sortie VGA 1 D-sub

Résolution 720 x 576 à 6 img / s
704 x 288 à 12.5 img / s
352 x 288 à 25 img / s
Séquence    oui
Enregistrement 720 x 576, 704 x 288, 352 x 288 (PAL)
Vidéo direct
Nb image/sec
25 images par secondes
Nb image/sec
25 images par secondes
Entrée/sortie audio 1 Entrée(RCA Jack) / 1 Sortie (RCA Jack)
Entrée/sortie alarme  4 Entrée/ 4 Sortie (TTL, Programmable comme NC/NO)
Ethernet /réseau  10/100 Ethernet (RJ-45), DHCP / Static IP / DDNS, Bandwidth Control
Contrôle PTZ RS-485/422 Serial Port 1 (Terminal Block)
ATM /POS RS-232 Serial Port 1 (D-sub Connector)
Port USB  3 x USB (1 panneau avant, 2 pannneau arrière)
Qualité d’enregistrement  Super / High / Standard  
Modes d’Enregistrement  Différentes vitesses d’enregistrement, réglage de la résolution et la compression dans les modes d’enregistrement continu / évènnement / urgence et enregistrement planifié (continu, alarme, detection , continu + alarm, continu + motion, continu + alarme + detection)  
Pré-alarme enregistrement jusqu’à 10 800 secondes / programmable par l’utilisateur  
Détection de mouvement oui (22 x 15 zones)  
vitesse de lecture    X1, X2, 24, X8, X16, X32, X64, Extreme
format de fichier Archive EXE (Video Clip) / JPEG (Still Image)  
Date et heure    oui
Calendrier    oui
Evènnement    oui
GUI    Yes (XGA Resolution)
Contrôle périphérique touches avant / souris USB / clavier intégré filaire (DVR & PTZ) / télécommande IR /clavier virtuel
 Multi-langue  Anglais/ Danois / Chinois / Japonais / Coréen / Italien / Français / Portuguais / Russe
 Système d'exploitation  Linux /mémoire flash  
Acces a distance mobile Accès a distance aux vidéos sur windows mobile par logiciel propriétaire
 Client à distance
Client Web Oui (maximum 16 caméras) / pas d'installation logicielle /Vidéo directe, rechercher, lecture et contrôle PTZ  
CMS Oui (Central Monitoring System / maximum 64 caméras)  
Réglage à distance oui , accès complet au configuration de la machine
Alerte E-mail    oui(alerte e-mail : vidéo, image arrêtée, texte)
 Serveur NTP    NTP server / GMT Time Zone / Auto Daylight Saving Time
 Touche SOS oui  
 Stockage primaire Disque dur SATA  (jusqu’à 2)
 Stockage de copie de clip graveur DVD/CD-RW, disque dur USB, clef USB (non comprise) 
 Watermark check system oui
 Dimension 350mm x 65 mm x 380 mm
 Température d’utilisation 5℃ ~ 40℃  
 Taux d’humidté pour  l’utilisation 0% ~ 90%  
 Alimentation 12VDC / 5A, tranformateur externe
 Consommation 27W Max  
 Approuvé par    FCC / CE


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