Référence : NAV-TRACKING

Touchscreen communicating with integrated mapping

Short description :

  • Direct communication with the GPS via SMS
  • No subscription to a platform of Internet geolocation
  • Follow the GPS tracker and automatic location on map
  • Travel Alert & location of our GPS tracer
  • Calculates the automatic route to the GPS
  • Suspend the tag remotely via SMS
  • 4.3 inch touch screen mobile & autonomous
  • GPS & Mapping vector FRANCE / EUROPE integrated
  • Export of the historic position to Google Earth
  • Do not use GPRS, SMS only for international use simple
  • Tri-band GSM for international communication with our GPS plotter
  • Can be used as a standard GPS navigation
  • Update patch by evolving self executable


A partnership between AMC and Inovmobile technology, the NAV tracking is a standalone touch screen integrated with a mapping that communicates directly with our SMS GPS beacon TR-LA-600 which allows the GPS geotag without fee or subscription GPRS no server, no interface or other location-based web platform.

 In addition, the NAV will be easier TRACKING geolocalize tag GPS France or abroad for the GSM network is much broader than GPRS.

TRACKING THE NAV allows you to:

To obtain the positions directly and automatically geotag the GPS mapping on the vector France / Europe.
To be alerted automatically when the tag changes its GPS position.
To pause or to wake the GPS distance.
Calculate the route to the GPS automatically using its internal GPS.
To export the historical positions of GPS to Google Earth using its SD card.
To be used as a GPS navigation aid through the interface and mapping its last generation.

The NAV TRACKING be evolving through these updates auto patch executable.



 Module   Tri-band GSM/GPRS
(900/1800/1900 MHz, class 10)


High sensivity GPS/AGPS
 Antenna internal GSM/GPRS , GPS
GPS antenna High performance
Battery life 4 heures
Battery Built-in Li-Ion recheargeable
Dimensions 123 x 83 x 24 mm
Mapping Built-in vectorial France ou Europe


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