Référence : BR-GPS-27

GPS jammer L1 and L2 frequency 2.7 watts

Short description :

  • Jammer frequency GPS L1 and GPS L2
  • Total power of 2.7 watts or 10 to 25 meters radius
  • GPS jammer autonomous integrated battery
  • Charge battery with cigarette lighter or AC outlet
  • Antenna omnidirectional GPS jammer



Our GPS jammer frequency L1 and L2 of 2.7 watts is specially designed to blurring total receptions satellites within 10 to 25 meters.
Unlike most GPS jammers scrambles only the L1 frequency with a low power, our model blurs both GPS L1 band (1575.42 MHz) and L2 GPS (1227.60 MHz) with a total power of 2.7 Watts, Se making him one of the best GPS jammer of his generation.
This GPS jammer is easily transportable, slightly thicker than a mobile phone equipped with an integrated lithium battery, you can take it with you and turn it on whenever you want to have peace in your travels, its autonomy is 90 minutes offline.
This GPS jammer of 2.7 watts is the jammer ideal for preventing tracking done by a GPS for example.


Frequency GPS jammer L2 1200-1300MHz
Frequency GPS jammer L1 1500-1600 MHz
Transmitting power canal 1 dBm / 100 KHz
Size 112 mm (H) x 62 mm (L) x 30mm (D) without antenna
Weight 2.7 watt GPS jammer 244g
Scope 10 to 25 meters
Autonomy of the GPS jammer 90 minutes


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