Référence : MMS-CAMERA-900

MMS-Email Alarm remote camera

Short description :

  • IMMEDIATE dispatch of several photos MMS or Mail during an intrusion
  • Camera MMS alarm new generation mobile and compact, complete System
  • The sent photos are of exelente qualitées of day as night
  • JPEG Format Photo 640 x 480 pixel
  • Lifting of audio doubt
  • Colour and infrared camera for night vision.
  • Shape supplements the apparatus by with hindsight by SMS
  • Operate radio by remote control for walk / stopping and button SOS
  • Detector of movement compatible with the power stations of alarms 433 Mhz.
  • Battery lithium commits a length of maximum of 15 h in case of power cut.
  • Parametric up to 10 numbers of mobile phone or mail.


This alarms camera vidéosurveillance is simply ingenious, innovente and formidable of efficacitée.
It is a camera with night vision doubled by a thermal detector of presence capable of sending you instantly by MMS and / or by e-mail,
several photos (in JPEG) during an intrusion in the room in which it is put. Endowed with leds infrared for night,
the camera will restore you a good quality picture and this even in dark middle.
This detector of intrusion with integrated camera is autonomous and entirely parametric remote by the simple bias of your mobile phone (by SMS).
No other installation is necessary, not need of WIFI, of computer (except consultation of mails), of server or other equipment of the same type...
The system uses the GSM network of your motive, provided that your telephone and provided that your subscription supports MM.
A card prepaid SIM is enough because it is a question here only of sending messages.
All our tests were performed with the operator Orange.
Its use is very simple, you insert a card SIM in your surveillance camera, you put it under high pressure or on (registered) sector,
or on his internal battery (temporary usage or during a power cut).
Then you define one or several numbers of telephones (up to 10 possibles)
who reçevront MM as well as mails addresses (up to 10 addressees).
From this instant, the device is ready to work and will alert you real-time if there is intrusion in the commercial, industrial place or residential in whom he is located.
It is infallible, the person enters, you are immediately told and you keep photos in memory on your portable, proof of intrusion!
date and the hour in the support... Two wireless remote controls are given to you,
they will serve you for hurrying up / to deactivate the surveillance of a simple pressure on the appropriate button or in mode emergency.
Our alarm MMS is endowed with a rechargeable battery in the lithium of 1800 mAh,
this envisaged to take the relay in case of power cut during a period of about 12 hours. However,
she will allow you to use the apparatus in autonomous on a short term what in certain cases will be an incontestable trump.
We recommend you therefore an use on sector for a limitless autonomy.
The installation of our device of mobile telesurveillance is high-speed,
you will be able to change him of place at leisure, from the instant when you pick up the GSM network and which you dispose of a wall plug for feeding
(applied not autonomous).
The video surveillance on mobile phone brings a huge advantage to the persons continuously in displacement and eager however to watch
their house, office, store or others... Fact to order the remote system since its motive is a major trump and will allow them to keep
an eye on their property of day as of night and it round the clock.
Instructions in Frenchman are given to you during your purchase as well as note "taken in hands quick", it to spare you
reading supplements instructions and to focalize you principally on the basis of the functioning of our alarm by MM during
the first use.


 Working band EGSM900, DCS1800
 Communication protocols GSM PHASE 2/2+
 Remote control frequency 433Mhz or 315Mhz
 Max wireless sensor 15 units
 Effective distant of the remote control 20 meters (wide area)
 Listen in distance =< 6m
 Image format JPEG
 Image resolution

  320 x 240
VGA 640 x 480

 Camera 300 000 pixel
 Camera shooting angle 70° degree
 Best shooting distance in night =< 8 meter
 Lithium battery 800 mAh
 Battery stand by time

Up to  15 hours
(affected by network)

 Power adaptor 5.5 V
 Work température -10 °C ~ +45°C
 Storage temperature  -20°C ~ +60°C
 Relative humidity 10-90% without condensation
 Dimension 122 x 40 x 40 mm
 Poids 172g



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