Référence : PC-8-GO-DV2

Audio video car key 720 x 480 px recorder 8 Gb with voice detection

Short description :

  • Car key audio video records with voice detection or continue
  • Video Resolution: 720 x 480 pixels at 30 fps
  • Memory on micro SD card up to 16Gb
  • Autonomy 48 hours to detect voice
  • Same as a car key door unlock
  • Vidéo format : AVI


The new generation of key camera video integrates a new resolution 30fps for 720x480 pixels.

This key-ring camera is a compact and discrete system audio video recording miniaturized in a key door of unlocking of known mark vehicle.
Include MicroSD 8 GO and has a function with the detection of the sound.

The key door camera car has an essential time-stamping for the classification of your files.
The small key camera of car has an integrated microphone, carries it key camera records also the conversations.

Function VOX of the key door camera spy makes it possible to start l' automatically; video recording when the key video audio camera of car detects a voice in the vicinity.
Camera spy is a key door which resembles a key of car (with remote control), a perfect dissimulation of the mini camera ultra-miniaturized in the case of the key door camera.
Autonomy our key door camera spy in mode VOX is 48 hours with approximately 10 detections and in continuous mode key minis camera carry it creates you two files adding up 1 hours of video audio recording.


Micro Audio Vidéo Camera car key 
Video Resolution 720 x 480 pixels à 30 images/ seconde
Type of Memory MicroSD 8Go extensible to 16Go
Video Format AVI
Audio yes with microphone
Interface PC Mini USB 
Time Charging the Battery 2 hours
Autonomy Continuous Recording 1 hours
Autonomy VOX detect 45 hours
Battery Lithium
Dimensions 65 X 33 X 12 mm
Weight 56 gramme


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