Référence : TR-609

GPS GSM real time personal tracker

Short description :

  • Keychain GPS beacon real-time
  • Autonomy of the GPS tracker tested 50 Hours
  • Compatible with any phone: iPhone, Android, and Symbian mobile widows
  • Telephone function: allows the reception and voice calls
  • 2 buttons allow preset call a voice call fast
  • Compact and lege 40G
  • GPS Module SIRF 3, clear 5 meters
  • Set by sending SMS
  • Anti-Abduction Beacon, the fight against kidnapping theft etc ...
  • Alert when crossing predefined area
  • Alert for speeding


This GPS tracker is a true GPS in real time, in the form of a keychain runs on the GSM frequencies of 900MHz and 1800MHz.

Our Keychain GPS tracker GSM displays directly on the GPS mapping with PDA or Smartphone, GPS is our beacon of course compatible with any phone: iPhone, Android, symbian mobile and widows.

One of its key functions of our door liner allows the reception and voice calls, ideal for listening distance when raising doubts about monitoring location or person of this function is "emergency phone".

Other duties will be recognized as the SOS button that allows sending GPS position in case of aggression, discomfort or other, which gives us information as to the location near the meter person. you also have a button programmed call that you put in a phone relationship with a person of your choice.

Our door key is a compact unit that weighs 40 grams, equipped GPS Module SIRF 3 GPS real time our tag is accurate up to 5 meters, its configuration is very simple and do SMS.

Anti-Abduction real beacon, the fight against kidnapping, it can also be used to fight against theft or property securing reassure people that we love being able to join or well localized in real time. Other features such as crossing geographical area Restores put you on alert. You may also be informed in real time with a speed limit you have pre-defined beforehand.

Easy to wear our tag GPS can also attach to a collar for pets in case of loss you can very quickly locate it.

Equipped with a GPS chip embedded in the heart SIRF3 tracer portable permanent relationship to 34 satellites in orbit and then uses the GSM / GPRS network operated by the providers of cellular networks via the SIM card to transmit the exact location of your GPS beacon


Antenne GSM / GPRS Module GSM tri-bande  (GSM 900 - 1800 - 1900 MHz)
Sensibilité GPS -159dBm
Précision GPS jusqu'à 5 mètres
Chargement Câbles USB 5V
Batterie rechargeable 3.7V 800mAh Li-ion battery
Poids 40g
Dimensions 70.7x42.9x20.1 mm


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