Référence : DVR-HORLOGE

Clock camera 520 lines 0.1 lux with audio video on 32Go SDHC card

Short description :

  • Wall Clock with camera and audio recorder, integrated video
  • Audio recording video motion detection or programmed
  • 520 lines color CCD camera built for excellent definition
  • Camera 0.1 lux for a clear picture in low light
  • Audio recording format MPEG-4 ASF 640 x 480 px
  • with card SDHC 32GB for several days recording
  • Play recordings very simple on TV or computer MAC or PC
  • Video Timestamp: date and time overlay on the recording
  • Wall Clock functional contemporary design aluminum
  • Autonomous Camera with integrated battery or AC
  • automatic triggering or through the remote.


Clock camera with recording motion detection or continuous SDHC, authentic contemporary clock.

This clock surveillance cameras can record audio and video on a memory card with excellent quality because of its integrated mini color camera 520 lines in terms of result video will give you very good results.

Note that the built-in miniature camera clock has a 0.1 lux sensor is that you can get a clear picture with little lunimusité, knowing that 1 lux is equal (a night of full moon).

Depending on your surveillance needs you can easily set your camera clock to record certain days and times so the program mode, but also in direct mode with a remote control or directly to the detection of movement.
The clock camera has the ability to receive different SDHC card capacity 4, 8, 16, or 32 GB, the recording times are:

- 8:00 4GB (+ / - 10%) in 640 x 480 pixels
- 8GB 16 hours (+ / - 10%) in 640 x 480 pixels
- 16GB 32 hours (+ / - 10%) in 640 x 480 pixels
- 32GB 64 hours (+ / - 10%) in 640 x 480 pixels

The format of audio video MPEG-4 ASF 640 x 480 pixels readable by all readers of MAC or PC such as Windows, Quick, VLC or directly on your TV.

You can timestamp all files of recordings by an overlay of the date and time on your videos.

This clock is a real CCTV camera. Just insert a SDHC card in the slot to capture all the action. You'll get a video of professional quality.


 Type  color
 Pickup device  1/3" color CCD image sensor
 Picture elements  NTSC 512Hx492V PAL 512Hx582V
 Horizontal resolution 520 TVL
 Mini illumination  0.1 LUX
 Horz. sync frequency  NTSC 15,734Khz - PAL 15,625
 Vertical frequency NTSC 60Hz - PAL 18,9375
 Clock frequency NTSC 19.0699Mhz - PAL 18,9375
 Scanning system  2.1 Interface
 S/N ratio  46 db
 Electronic shutter 1/1000.000s
 Lens  Pinhole
 Video output  1Vp-p (max)
 Audio output 2Vp-p (max)
 Gamma  0.45
 Weight  1.9kg
 Power supply  DC 12V
 Power consumption  400 mA
Storage temperature -30 to + 60°C
Opérating temperature -10 to +45°C


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