Référence : KVS-803-IR

Wireless digital color and audio camera set infrared and LCD receiver

Short description :

  • Kit camera color of video wireless surveillance infrared
  • Numerical video audio Transmission new technology without disturbance
  • 2 modes of use: System of mobile or video PC control surveillance
  • Connection of the receiver on PC and recovery of the video audio signal
  • Software in French for use in video mode surveillance on PC
  • Record on PC in the detection of movement, uninterrupted or programmed
  • Accept up to 4 cameras at the same time on the receiver or the PC (Quadra vision)
  • Numerical Treatment for a vision in low brightness
  • Flat extremist Camera IR pinhole objective
  • Aerial flexible will dope receiver
  • Battery lithium included 5 hours of autonomy
  • Use in autonomous mode or on catch sector


Our kit consists of video surveillance cameras wireless infrared audio-video receiver and a LCD-3.5 at simple and modern design.

Digital Video Audio transmission of this set is last generation, this new technology allows a transmission between the wireless camera and receiver without any disturbance.

Two modes of use can be obtained from our system for protecting video camera equipped with its infra-red.

- 1) Control system for mobile, ad hoc, monitoring children's room, garden, secure perimeter, ideal for a quick and efficient installation.

Quick installation, you can choose your configuration with one or more infrared cameras and audio-video rotation decide on your pager or an image permanently, or if you have multiple cameras you can switch them one after another a delay of 05, 10, 15 seconds or put the portable receiver in quad mode for all your surveillance cameras on the same screen.

- 2) security camera system with recording on your computer through the receiver and its software.

The configuration of our camera kit infrared video and audio digital recorder is easy.

The software interface is in French, scheduling software enables you after the installation of cameras to determine your type of acquisition AV places under surveillance, you have previously connected your receiver to your laptop computer via its USB cable.

You can install up to four cameras operating alternately one after another of the camera 1 to camera 4 and then directly into a system "Quad (Quadra vision)" that is to say, four images on the screen of your computer for an overview of the cameras simultaneously.

The video surveillance mode in this configuration is fearful and leaves nothing to pass, day or night, you can adjust the sensitivity, the area and set an alarm to warn you of an invasion with or without a "registration" for period.

You of course with the possibility of continuously recorded, but also programmed time slots and date of registration eg weekend: 18 hours from Friday evening to Monday morning 8:00.

The ultra-slim digital infrared camera is equipped with an antenna and a foldable type lens pinhole, its built-in lithium battery has an autonomy of 5 hours offline and unlimited connection area.


Frequency 2400 MHz ~2483.5 MHz
Modulation GFSK
Spread spectrum Frequency hopping
Anti interference clean channel dynamic select
Selectable camera channel 4
Data rate 2Mbps
Channel bandwidth 2MHz
Transmission range 200 metre
Image specification  
Output image resolution 640 x 480 (VGA) / 320 x 240 (QVGA)
Image processing MJPEG
Exposure auto
White balance auto
System specification  
Operating voltage 5V 1A
Current consumption 650mA max
Picture sen or OV7725 1/4 color CMOS
Lens F4.3mm H:48° V:37
infrared and light sensor to 6 / 7 meter lenght
Output jack TV out : 3.5mm casque vers RCA USB out : 1.1
Weight 195g /110g
Dimension 133x87x27mm /115x60x19mm
Operating temperature -10 at +50 C°
Operating voltage 100~240V / 60 ou 50 Hz


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