Référence : DVR-CAM-IR

DVR video recorder built-in waterproof 480 lines IR camera

Short description :

  • Infrared camera and video recorder built
  • Recording video or photo for the detection of movement
  • Sensor camera Sony 1 / 3 CCD 480 lines
  • Infrared range of 15/30 meters
  • SDHC memory card recording up to 32 GB
  • Video Format H.264 720X576 pixels 25 fps
  • Objective variable 4-9 mm adjustable
  • IP65 waterproof outdoor camera
  • Radio remote control for recording and navigation menu
  • Setting the camera setup menu simplify
  • Playing videos on simple media player software and standard PC or MAC


Simplicity and efficiency are video surveillance system, two products in one and easy to install, this camera incorporates infrared video surveillance recorder that works with motion detection.

The infrared camera has a range of 15 to 30 meters night vision thanks to its infrared LEDs, with a moving target manually adjustable zoom and sharpness mm from April to September.

Our camera recorder is waterproof, it can be installed both inside and outside, the camera is infrared waterproof to IP65, this standard is the level of protection that is harmful to electronics devices such as our infrared camera recorder against water and dust.

The infrared camera and video recorder is equipped with integrated sensor camera with Sony 1 / 3 CCD 480 Lines is giving it a quality image. The camera settings are done through a simplified menu through your TV.

Our infrared camera includes a recorder that works with motion detection for an event taking video, but also photograph, video compression format is the H264 whose resolution is 720 x 576 pixels at 25 frames per second.

The memory capacity of our camera recorder infrared motion detection is done on SDHC card up to 32 GB.
Continuous recording is about 1 GB per hour at 720 x 576 pixels at 25 img / s.

The remote allows you to complete the setup of our camera recorder, infrared, but also triggering an event taking photos or video. With the remote, you can both turn the camera off in H264 register or start a video or photo.

Each event photo or video monitoring can be time-stamped, the advantage of our camera recorder is also different modes of operation is the detection of movement may be programmed on a schedule or on-line by remote control.


 Video system  PAL / NTSC
 Lens  1 / 3 CCD sony
 horizontal 480 lignes
 Objectif camera  4 - 9 mm / F1.4
 Illumination minimum 0 Lux
 S/N ratio  48db
 Lenght IR 15 - 30 meter
 Gain  auto
 White balance  auto
 Waterproof class IP 65
 Video output  1.0Vp p 75ohm
 Video format  JPEG/MPG
 Record resolution  720x576 PAL
 Recording lenght 10 S ---- 60 Seconde
 Storage media SD card jusqu'à 32 Go
 Continuous record 1Go / 1 hours at 720 x 576 px
 Opération temperature - 20°C à 50°C
 Power supply DC 12V, 1000mA
 Size 80 x 140 mm
 Weight 500g
 Remote control distance  100m in open space


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