Kit video 500 GB surveillance with access to phone or internet and 4 infrared cameras 540 lines inside outside

Short description :

  • Kit 500 GB full video surveillance: audio recorder / video cameras + 4 + cables
  • Recorders four video inputs and 1 audio compact H264
  • Comes with 4 cameras:
  • 1X Sony CCD camera with 540 lines outside multi ref.DMW-540-PTZ
    2X Sony CCD 540 lines TV Indoor ref. MD-540-IR
    1X Sony CCD 540 lines TV Outdoor ref CW-540-IR
  • Remote access to 4 cameras over the phone: iPhone, Windows Mobile, Symbian and Android
  • Remote access via Internet to videos, historical, and configuration backup
  • Recording motion detection, scheduled or continuous
  • Video recording H.264 720 x 576 pixels for each camera
  • Detection of hiding cameras or video loss
  • Menu administration interface in French and USB mouse
  • Delivered with a 500 GB hard drive expandable to 1 TB
  • Search by date or event
  • Password protection
  • Advanced management of users and their permissions
  • Analog or digital monitor outputs SXVGA 1280x1024
  • Updated by USB or remotely via the Internet
  • Backup to a USB or remotely via the Internet
  • Comes with 25 meters of cable default expandable to 50 meters


Our package of video coverage is composed of a DVR and four cameras, 1X Sony CCD 540 TVL Outdoor ref. CW-540-IR, 1X Sony CCD 540 TVL Outdoor ref.DMW-540-controllable PTZ camera and 2X Sony CCD 540 TVL Indoor ref. MD-540-IR

Our DVR 824 is a storage with four digital video outputs and audio recording in H.264 at a resolution of 720 x 576 pixels at 25 fps.
The interface is in French and can be managed remotely via the Internet with your computer or directly to the recorder storekeeper using its keys and mouse optique.Un 500 GB hard drive (expandable to 1 Terra) is installed by SATA connection for improved recording speed.
Records may be in motion detection, scheduled or directly continuous detection of hiding cameras or video loss also informs you in real time.
Access to our storekeeper DVR 824 is secured and protected by a password passe.vous can configure multiple user accounts or non-restrictive (administrator or guest).

Our DVR 824 is a standalone video server, it does not need a computer, monitor, or keyboard. It starts when the connection to the current 220. You can have 1 to 64 cameras connected to video recorders and more may be on the same management interface. Our recorder is ideal for file management and backup, you can then directly access the DVR via the Internet from anywhere in the world.

You have a remote access GSM mobile phones: Iphone, Windows Mobile, Symbian, Android, Blackberry, but also the possibility of remote access via Internet to videos, history, configuration and backup.

Essential quality of cameras available in our Security Pack.

- Camera (ref. CW-540-IR) Camera Sony CCD 540 TVL Outdoor, waterproof, adjustable foot and infrared range of 50 meters.
- Camera (ref. MD-540-IR) Camera Sony CCD 540 TVL, interior dome type multi, shockproof, 24 Infrared LEDs a range of 20 meters.
- Camera (ref.DMW-540-PTZ) Camera Sony CCD 540 TVL Outdoor Drivers, Stunt X10 optical zoom, small size it is waterproof to IP66 standards, the PTZ camera is controllable multi-directional 360 ° horizontally and 90 ° vertically. it is also a low-light camera to 0.001 Lux.

and its connecting cables:

- 4 x 25m cable "ref: BNC_DC_25M"

Active Concept Media has selected this recorder for the following reasons: it is a true miniature video server is 4 channel digital DVR is ideal for users who want a simple and efficient.
It has the main options: registration, update via USB or via the Internet, schedule recording, search by date or event

With our Security Pack, you get a real security system and allows you watch live and remote 24/24 your store, your business, your family, your house, your apartment from anywhere in the world using a PDA type phone "iPhone" or whatever, but also by a computer connected to the Internet.


DVR - 824
  Type 4ch video et 1 ch audio
system Main processor Industry level embedded microprocessor
Operation system Embedded LINUX operation system
System resource synchronous multi-channel recording, synchronous multi-channel sub-code stream, synchronous multi channel playback, synchronous network operation
interface operation interface 16 bit true color graphical menu interface, mouse operation supportive
display 1/4 images display
video video standard pal (625string, 50 field/s)
surveillance image quality PAL, D1 ( 704x576)
playback image quality PAL, D1 ( 704x576) / HD1 (704x288) / CIF (352x288)
image compression H.264 mp
image controle 6 options
recording speed PAL, 100fps overall
image motion detect 396 (22x18) detection areas, multiple sensitivity
Audio audio compression G711A
talk back supportive
Recording and playback recording mode manual > alarm > motion detect timing
local playback 1 channel playback, multiple channels playback (basic model no such function)
recording look up mode time searching, calendar seraching, affair searching, channel searching, information searching
Storage and backup Hard disk capability for each channel

Audio : 28.8 MB/H

Video : 25 ~450 MB/H

recording storage Hard disk network
backup mode network, USB
Remote Acces Internet Network PC : Internet explorer (only)
PDA : iPhone, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, Symbian, Androïd
Port video input 4 channel BNC
video output 2 channel BNC, 1 channel VGA output (VGA selective configuration)
audio input 1 channel RCA
audio output 1 channel RCA
network port RJ45 10M / 100M adoptive Ethernet network port
PTZ controle port 1RS485
USB port 1 USB ports (synchronous use front and rear panel forbidden)
Hard disk port 1 SATA port
Other Power supply 12V 4A external power supply
Power consume (without hard disk) <10W
working temperature 0°C ~ +55°C
Working humidity 10% - 90%
Air pressure 86kpa - 106kpa
Size Please refer to the real object
Weight please refer to the real object
Installation Frame installation, platform installation


 Video system PAL
 Sensor  1/3 SONY CCD
 Resolution 795 (H) x 596 (V)
 Horizontal Resolution  540 TV Lines
 Infra-Red 24 Leds
 VIseo output 1V-p 75 Ohms Negative
 Power supply DC 12 Volts +/- 10%
 White balance Automatic
 Gain Control Automatic
 BLC (back light compensation)  Automatic
 S/N Ratio  more than 48 db
 Gamma  Correction 0.45
 Minimum   0 lux ( leds allumées)
 Power consumption 100mA IR Off
 Working temperarture  -10° à + 50°
 Lens Focal : 3.6mm
 Angle 92°
 Diamètre du Dôme Ø 94mm
 Weight  300g


 Video system PAL
 Sensor  1/3 SONY CCD
 Resolution 752 (H) x 582 (V)
 Horizontal Resolution  540 TV Lines
 Infra-Red 24 Leds to 50 meter lenght
Synchronous System Internal, negative sync.
Scanning System 2:1 interface
 Video output 1V-p 75 Ohms signal composite
 Power supply DC 12 Volts +/- 10%
 White balance Automatic
 Gain Control Automatic
 BLC (back light compensation)  Automatic
 S/N Ratio  more than 48 db
 Gamma  Correction 0.45
 Auto Electronic shutter 1/50s~1/100,000s
 Minimum   0 lux ( leds allumées)
 Power consumption 100mA IR Off
 Working temperarture  -10° à + 50°
 Lens Focal : 4-9mm
 Angle 92°
 Diamètre du Dôme 256 x 143 x 86 mm
 Weight  1200 g


 Objectif dynamique  5 - 15 mm
 Signal de sortie PAL
 Capteur d'Image  1/3 SONY CCD basse résolution
 Zoom numérique X 10
 Pan vitesse (vitesse de rotation ) 50° / secondes
 Pan (rotation) 0° ~ 360° en continue
 Tilt (inclinaison 0° ~ 90° flip
 Résolution en pixels 795 (H) x 596 (V)
 Résolution Horizontal 540 TV Lignes
 Sortie Vidéo 1.0Vp-p 75 Ohms
 Balance des Blancs Automatique
 BLC contrôle du contre jour Automatique
 Réglage du Gain Automatique
 S/N Ratio  plus de 48 db
 Correction Gamma  0.45
 Système de balayage PAL : 625 lignes à 50 images / secondes
 Vitesse d'obturation électronique Auto : PAL 1/50 - 1/100,000Sec
 Illumination Minimum   0,001 lux / F2.0
 Alimentation DC12V  800 mA
 Norme Waterproof IP 66
 Température d'utilisation  -10° à + 50°
 Dimensions 121x177mm
 Poids  2 kg


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