Référence : NAV-TRACKING-701

Kit GPS location realtime V2 Touch Screen communicating with one or more GPS tracker

Short description :

  • Kit screen GPS geolocation tag with a real time GPS tracker
  • Specially designed to communicate with the tags or in real time via SMS
  • Location tags up to eight TR-LA-700 simultaneously
  • Tracking GPS tracker and automatic location on maps of Europe or France
  • GPS position with 32 satellites up to 5 meters of accuracy
  • Sending GPS position, date and time and battery level
  • Alert displacement or vibration detection
  • Sending the last position if GPS signal is lost (underground)
  • Alert passing zone or speeding
  • Automatically calculates the route to the GPS
  • Getting standby mode of the beacon distance
  • 4.3 inch touch screen mobile
  • GPS plotter autonomy up to 10 days standby
  • GPS screen battery autonomy of about 4:00
  • GPS & Mapping integrated vector or EUROPE FRANCE
  • Exporting historical positions received to Google Earth
  • Do not request a subscription to a platform on the Internet geolocation
  • Does not use GPRS, SMS only for international use simple
  • Tri-band GSM for international communication with our GPS tracker
  • Can be used as a GPS navigation aid to the conduct standard


AMC Technology delivers kit geolocation in real time containing:

- A Tracker GPS / GSM stand-alone waterproof magnet (reference: "TR-LA-700")
- A touch screen GPS / GSM developed to operate independently or with the tags in real time.

The touch screen features a stand-alone GPS mapping France or Europe.
Specially designed for geo locate and release in real time with the GPS TR-LA-700 (provided) through sending and receiving SMS.

The touch screen allows GPS to find in one click in real time the positions of the Tracker TR-LA-700 vector mapping GPS "NAV TRACKING V2".

You do not need to subscribe to a subscription fee or other GSM GPRS
the screen and the tag did not need to login server for communicating with the tag (cost of SMS for each position request).

You will need 2 SIM cards (prepaid or fee) before you begin to use the entire screen location GSM / GPS and GSM plotter / GPS.
You can choose your mobile telecommunications provider (or EUROPE FRANCE). This will allow you to more easily locate your geo tracker in France or abroad, because the GSM network is much wider than that of GPRS.

The essential features of the full kit NAV-TRACKING-700 :

- Complete Kit tracker GPS and Touch Screen GPS locator tracker
- Receive real-time positions of GPS plotters TR-LA-700.
- Be alerted in real time when the tag detects a shock, motion or vibration.
- Can accept tags from January to August in real-time GPS TR-LA-700.
- Calculates the route automatically between the screen and the GPS TRACKER TR-LA-700 using the internal GPS.
- Set the GPS tracker in "energy saving"
- Ability to export all positions Received and sent to Google Earth
- Only works with tracker TR-LA-700.
- Can be used as a GPS navigation for driving assistance (MAP 3D, POIs, route searching ...).
- Easy to update.


Ecran tactile
 Module  Tri-bande GSM/GPRS
(900/1800/1900 MHz, class 10)


haute sensibilité GPS/AGPS
 Antenne interne GSM/GPRS , GPS
antenne GPS haute performance
 Autonomie batterie

4 heures

Temps de chargement Environ 5 à 6 heures
 Batterie intégrée Li-Ion rechargeable
 Dimension 123 x 83 x 24 mm
 Taille de l'écran tactile 4,3 pouces (11cm)
  Format d'affichage 16:9
 Audio Haut-parleur(s) intégré(s)
 Affichage des points d'intérêts Oui
 Type d'affichage de carte GPS jour / nuit
 Cartographie (à choisir) France Carte vectorielle Française
Europe (23 pays) Allemagne
Principauté d’Andorre
Principauté de Monaco
 Système d'exploitation requis PC Windows Vista Windows XP Seven
Traceur GPS TR-LA-700
 Antenne GSM module GSM tri-bande  (GSM 900 - 1800 - 1900 MHz)
 Antenne GPS Haute sensibilité intégrée 
 Classification IP  IP 56 waterproof 
 Nombre d'aimants 4  
 Autonomie jusqu'à 10 jours (suivant paramètres)
 Dimensions (mm) 68 x 47 x 26  
 Poids du tracker GPS 110g 


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