Référence : LUN-SNA

Traditional glasses with audio video micro camera 480 lines

Short description :

  • Bezel color camera 480 lines
  • Microphone Audio Adapter
  • Angle of view 60 °
  • Clear image of 2 cm to 15 meters
  • Powered with 5 to 12 volts
  • Compatible with all portable recorders microphones
  • Compatible with all surveillance video recorders


Real telescope with modern design, light, equipped with an integrated video camera audio on the front of the branch, the sensor of the micro camera sight is of 480 TV line for a resolution of 720 by 625 pixels.

the brightness minimum of 1 Lux our glasses discrete camera allows you to have a quality recording optimal.L unit of illuminance, the lux (lx), corresponding to a luminous flux of 1 lumen (lm) covering uniformly an area of 1 square meter (m²).

angle and 60 ° which allows you to have a wide field in record mode namely the extreme limits of the monocular visual field are on average 50-60 ° nasally, 70 to 80 ° on the temporal side.

the image is sharp from 2 cm to more than 15 starts about giving you plenty of time to orient your face very close to a configuration of remote results in having to register your mini camera glasses.

feeding our mini camera glasses classic is done directly on the portable DVR. Unbeatable classic audio video cameras are compatible with all recorders portable option on this page and the transmitter and receiver for those who wish to have a configuration more discreet.


Système Vidéo PAL
Capteur image caméra 1/18" pouce CMOS
Taille pixels caméra 720 x 525 pixels (max), 640 x 480 pixels (standard)
Résolution caméra 480 lignes TV
Diamètre de l'objectif 5,75 mm
Focal de l'objectif 0.99 mm
F / No Objectif 2.8
Angle de vue caméra  60° ±2°
S/N ratio caméra 38 dB


 1 lux
Taille des pixels 2.5 ɥm  x 2.5 ɥm
Switch système Oui : vidéo et audio
Dimensions lunettes longueur des branches pliables 150 mm
largeur face 140 mm
Compostion lunettes

aluminium et
branche en plastique "soft touch"

Verres lunettes incolore (sans correction)
Alimentation caméra DC 5 V
Consommation  110 mA
Connecteur jack 2.5 mm
Poids caméra 20g
Longueur câble 1 m + rallonge 90 cm
Sortie vidéo  1.0 Vp-p
Température d'utilisation - 10°C à 60°C


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