Référence : ST-320

Recorder Professional Audio digital for voice detection and digital 2GB player with MP3 player and LCD screen

Short description :

  •  2GB Internal memory
  • Small tall
  • Recorded format .MP3
  • Up to 15 hours of runtime
  • Up to 565 hours of recording
  • Registration Audio for the detection of voice
  • USB 2.0


This professional digital audio recorder with a capacity of 2 GB of internal memory recorded up to 565 hours as SQ, the voice detection or manually.

Its small and discreet size allows you to drag and hide very easily, it has a USB 2.0 port that will connect to your computer so you can see, read and archive your recordings.

You can clearly hear the files through its integrated speaker or through the headphones (supplied) and several sound modes allow you to perform better listen to the recording: mono, rock, jazz, classical, piano.
The recording format is audio. MP3.

You can adjust the microphone sensitivity

The battery is made by two AAA batteries that allows 15 hours of continuous recording.
A standby mode you will gain greater autonomy.


 Dimension (L x l x h) 100 x 35 x 22mm
 Recording time  2Go = 130 hours in HQ ; 565 hours in LQ
 Weight 40g
 Power AAA Battery X 2 External Power Supply
 Memory 2Go
 Folder capacity Folder A ---> F each folder contains
 Record Mode LQ / MQ / HQ / SHQ
 Playback Mode Built in MP3 player ; 5 equalizers
 Record format . mp3
 Support format  . mp3
 USB device USB 2.0
 Langage Anglais
 Speaker output 28mm 16 Ω
 Speaker output power  560mW max
 Audio output  mono
 Battery life time  HQ = jusqu’à 15 heures d’enregistrement
lecture de mp3 (vol:70%) jusqu’à 13~15 heures avec des écouteurs
lecture de mp3 (vol:70%) jusqu’à 10~12 heures avec haut-parleur


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