Référence : KIT-LCD-830T

2.4 Ghz wireless kit with LCD recorder and micro camera built-in lithium battery

Short description :

 2.4Ghz Receiver Recorder with LCD

  • Motion Sensor
  • Recording up to 32 GB SDHC Card
  • 4 channel 2.4 Ghz to 4 cameras
  • 2.5 inch LCD Screen
  • Lithium integrated
  • Video output mini-jack

2.4 Ghz wireless camera lithium battery

  • Lithium integrated
  • Camera Wireless 2.4 GHz 4 channel selectable
  • Pinhole Lens
  • Power 10 mW
  • 100 meter range without hindrance or interference
  • Weight 30g with battery
  • Up to 5 hours of autonomy


Video surveillance system wireless 2.4 GHz camera comes with its micro portable standalone

Wireless camera ideal for board (model, bike, motorcycle ... etc) to our board camera weight = 30g:

- Its lithium battery, built-in operating time of about 4 to 5 hours
- Frequency Selector: Channel 1, 2, 3 4 and off (so you can use 4 cameras)
- Red and green LED charge level
- The support foot of our camera is removable self

Additional camera compatible with this recorder 2.4Ghz, You can add up to 3 cameras to your receiver LCD.

This audio / video receiver operates on a 2.4GHz frequency, compatible with all our wireless cameras at the same frequency (or other audio-video transmitter 2.4 GHz associated with our wired cameras). So you can connect up to four cameras,
you select on the touch of a button on the front.

Two recording modes plus photo mode, continuous recording or record to the motion detection only on a selected channel.

Saving your camera is doing on a SDHC card with a capacity of 2 to 32 GB depending on your choice not foune optional bottom of the page.

The scope of our video receiver goes up to 200 meters (without obstacles or interference). It works by frequency in 2.4 GHz which facilitates its installation even more. It is important to note that these waves pass through concrete walls and other doors or partitions, but the scope will be diminished.

You can also connect to your computer via USB 2.0, the 2.4 GHz receiver has a 2.5 TFT LCD 960 x 240 color LCD for viewing images directly on this screen. It also transmits audio through a small built-in speaker or using a headset that is provided, the sound setting is on the facade has the directional keys.

The receiver feeds itself:

- For mains, you can use your receiver while it charges.
- In standalone mode using its internal battery rechargeable Lithium 1.4 amps (included) 2 hours in record mode, 5 hours in playback mode.
- In stand-alone long-term with a Lithium rechargeable 4.6-A (optional) that can power your AV receiver for several hours.


 Récepteur sans fil 2.4GHz Nombres de Cannaux 4
Fréquences des Canaux  CH1 : 2414Mhz; CH2 : 2432Mhz
CH3 : 2450Mhz CH4 : 2468Mhz
Niveaux dB  - 90 dB
 Vidéo du recepteur Fréquences  FM 2.4MHz
LCD 2.5 TFT  960 x240 LCD
Sortie vidéo PAL /NTSC
Résolution  800x600 / 640x480 / 320x240
Format de compression vidéo .AVI / . ASF / .MOV
 Audio du recepteur Fréquences 20Hz - 20KHz
Sortie stéréo
Sortie écouteur  L 20MW+R 20mW [160]
Haut-parleur 1.5W
Format de fichier accepter MP3 / WAV / MPEG-1
 Images Format supporté JPG / JPEG / TIF / TIFF
 Stockage Mémoire interne 128Mo
Mémoire externe  Carte SDHC jusaqu'à 32Go
Système d’exploitation pris en charge PC  Windows
Port USB 2.0
Format  FAT 32
langage Anglais
Batterie Adaptateur DC 5V 2A
Batterie interne LI-ion 1800Mah
Autonomie En enregistrement sans fil environ 2 heures
en lecture environ 5 heures
Dimensions 130 x 80 x 25 mm
Poids 170g
Température de fonctionnement 0° à 40° C

 Micro Caméras sans-fil avec batterie luthium

Fréquence  2.4GHz
Alimentation  DC 5V
Battery 500 mAh
Puissance 80 mA
 Poids 30g
 Portée (sans obstacle)  200 m
 Dimensions( W x L x H ) 66 x 23 x 23
  Angle de vue  62°
 Controle du gain  automatique
 Fréquence CH1: 2414 MHz ; CH2: 2432 MHz ; 
CH3 : 2450 MHz ; CH4: 2468 MHz ;
 Capteur  1/3-inch
 Total pixel 628 x 582 ( PAL system )
 Illumination minimum  1.5 Lux F1.5
 Résolution 380 Lignes TV
 Température d'utilisation -10°c ~ +50°c
 Taux d'humidité d'utilisation 85%RH


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