Référence : DVR-500-L

Micro portable audio vidéo recorder 720 x 576 D1 on SDHC card with motion detection

Short description :

  • Wire pilot controller to immediate ON/OFF, IR remote control on UI interface
  • High resolution 720x576 pixels factory setting, 25 fps
  • Time stamp functionality
  • Built-in AGC microphone
  • Immediate file generation, pause duration only second away, less misssing action
  • Regulated playing speed
  • Continuous / Motion detect / Overwrite
  • USB connection, SD Card stockage
  • Compatible with analague camera
  • User friendly user interface
  • Color display and video recording with 30fps
  • Delete files on device 
  • Reformat storage card on device


Microphone audio / video recorder high resolution in full D1 (720 x 576 pixels in second 25 pictures)

Small (85 x 55 x 17 mm), the tiny recorder DVR works in the detection of movements or continuous, its function of recording can make Rewriting in a continuous loop with a mode on card memory, and can support cards SDHC that can go until 32 Go.

The portable recorder has a screen LCD TFT 2.4" High integrated resolution who allows you to make regulating of as well as to centre the camera to connect in the enregsitreur (camera not given).

The apparatus is optimised for an use round the clock and 7 days of 7, thanks to its new technology of internal component and to all these accessories.

It is a professional recorder éfficace, easy of use thanks to its intuitive menu (small accesible only with its infrared remote control).

The recorder given directly the tension with necessaire feeding to be able connect and make work cameras (offered optionally at the bottom of the page), example: just the the only one wire between the recorder and its camera, what avoids any additional battery and complicated wiring.

Having linked to a camera button or a camera snake microcomputing can make a very discreet portable system for any investigation or will dope hidden, the recorder can be ordered by a tiny cable HDMI that can be hidden in your handle for an activation of a quick recording.

The microphone portable recorder supports any vibration and shock without problem during its recording since there is no room in movement of type hard disk.

The autonomy of the recorder DVR 500 L with its battery 2200mAh and about 3 hours and 30 minutes in uninterrupted recording, by using the battery optionally of 4400 mAh you will get an autonomy about 10 hours and 30 minutes

The horodatage, can be made at request further to the shape of the apparatus for an inlaying of date and of the hour on the files of recording.

The tiny portable recorder perhaps linked to all our cameras of type candid camera, paluche camera, tactical camera, camera of examination, microphone will dope or tiny will dope all that and in different sectors as the world of sports, behaviour study, jobs of examination with difficulty of access, institutions, the research agents or detective...


 Screen 2.4 TFT LCD
 System PAL / NTSC (auto)
 Support file format .AVI
 Picture Resolution 720 x 576 pixels
 Frame rate 25 images / secondes
 Battery life 3,3 Hours
 Motion detection Oui
 While recording Oui


 Interne  43 Mo
Carte SDHC to 1 Go - 32 Go
 Play Video and audio
 Media player movie
 Video file format support


 Memory Consumption 1 heures = 780 Mo
 USB USB 2.0
 Power DC 5V 1A
 IR Yes, up to 5m
 Charging time about 4 hours 30
 Power battery 2200 mA
 Language Anglais / Chinois / Russe
 Size 85 x 55 x 17 mm
 Weight 62 g


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