Référence : DVR-900-HD

Portable DVR in cellphone Design High definition with memory by micro SDHC

Short description :

  • Functional navigation key to control and IR remote control
  • Disguise screen power-on, Screen-off
  • Convenient instant-record key and menu key
  • SD Card Storage, USB connection
  • Auto / Manual / Motion Detection / Pre-event / Shedule Recording Modes
  • Work in dark, high resolution, low lux
  • Compatible with analague camera
  • User friendly user interface, snap-shot functionality
  • Frame counter and time stamp functionality by default


This phone video camera and digital recorder allows a miniaturized ultra HD audio / video recording in 1280 X 960 pixels.

Our phone HD camera equipped with its discrete works motion detection, continuous or scheduled recording (MPEG 4, AVI standard recognized by all Media Players). It records directly to micro SD card it will accept up to 32GB, the audio / video recording to SD HC is also an advantage, because this technology does not take into account in the records of shock, vibration, inertia, acceleration and other ...

Its main asset is its trigger auto motion, that is to say that analyzes the images and will only record if there is activity on this image. This feature allows you to save battery power and memory capacity. In addition, it makes life easier when you search, because you'll be sequences triggered by the detection program. An overlay of the date and time recorded on each image will help you in your rankings and archival research (the inlay can be disabled). Its operation mode is also off-screen phone.

With a micro high resolution color camera built into the phone, its minimum illumination is 0.2 lux knowing that lux is the illumination of a candle one meter away from you every opportunity to register without brightness, its angle is 80 ° which allows you to have a wide shot, this GSM phone has a screen saver normal and therefore undetectable to observers. Menus, camera, video camera, recorder and are accessible by a secret code that you guarantee confidentiality when handling by others, the camera is located on the front of the phone-spy. Pressing 2 buttons simultaneously allows you to hide the monitor screen and you end up with a phone quite normal.

The DVR is in the form of a telephone service investigations, hidden camera, etc. .. Equipped with a video camera inside "objective booze, but also a HD recorder, which makes our device, a handheld device that you can add an external camera button camera type, camera or other paw.

Thanks to the timestamp on the video file, you'll find three windows, a counter, a date window in a different form standard English or French type DD / MM / YY, and time as Hour / Minute / Second, the when reading user may settle over time and properly manage these files.

HD audio-video recorder that phone because of its hidden video camera is a compact digital recorder with HD recording system is ultra easy to use with miniature rendering of the video is de1280 X 960 pixels, Video easy to use in different functions work or leisure. The format is AVI and a simple drag and drop on your desktop, you can start to use your video and photo files.


Our phone HD is probably one of the most successful products in our range of recorders and discrete it is easy to see why.

For starters, the phone looks like a HD recorder Sony Ericsson mobile phone, it features high-tech surveillance such as stamping and motion detection.

Hidden camera high definition is incorporated into the top of the phone and is virtually invisible, you're really at the forefront of technology to make shooting video in an extremely discreet and in HD.

The integrated CMOS sensor 80 ° to the camera is off and allows you to plans without ambiguity even when it is laid flat on a table.

Mode phone hidden camera HD recorder displays a screen similar to that of a mobile phone that can be unlocked by pressing a key combination.

You can download videos of our gross DVR-900-HD by clicking the image below:


 LCD Display TFT 2,5"  240x320px
 Vidéo System PAL / NTSC
 Vidéo Recording Mode auto / manual / motion detection / pré event / shedule
 Recording Resolution HD 960p : 1280 x 960 à 30 fps /sec
HD 720p : 1280 x 720 à 30 fps /sec
Medium Resolution  : 1024 x768 à 30  fps/sec
 Memory  Micro carte SD up to 32 Go
 File format JPEG / AVI
 Recording time / Go about 40 min / 1 Go ( 720x480 @ 30 fps )
 Input vidéo input DC 5V Jack  AV IN 2.5 mm
 capteur  1/4” CMOS
 Angle of view  80 °
 Resolution lens CMOS 1280 x 960
 Illumination minimum  0.2 Lux F2.0
 Interface PC Mini USB 2.0
 Disguise screen cellphone power on / screen-off
 Date / time AAAA/MM/JJ  HH,MM,SS
 Alert vibration  ON/OFF, recording, low battery
 Power DC 5V
 Consumption  290 mA
 Type battery  DC 3.7V / 1200mA lithium
 Battery life Time about 2h30
 Dimension 110 x 54 x 23 mm
 Weight 90g


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