Référence : DVR-AC550

Transformer camera recorder works motion detection on SDHC 32 GB

Short description :

  • DC power Adaptor design
  • Direct power supply from DC adaptor prongs
  • SD card file storage
  • Default motion detection recording functionality
  • Optional normal (continuous) recording functionality
  • UI menu interface
  • Built-in 4.3mm pinhole lens with 78° angle of view
  • Work in the dark, record in high resolution


In a exceptional quality in terms of audio and video recording, the transformer 220 volts with his camera and microphone integrated sound recorder will give you real satisfaction in terms of results for a discrete video surveillance equipment and inexpensive .

Its built-in camera microphone is equipped with a sensor 1 / 3 CCD with a resolution of 550 TV lines, the sensitivity of the sensor can go down to 0.2 Lux is to say, practically in the dark.

Positioned correctly at the height of a kitchen worktop for example, or using an extension cord to power a good position, you will get with the camera angle of 78 ° field of view equivalent to the human eye.

The quality of the recording of the DVR integrated processor and 720 X 576 pixels at 25 frames per second, with his microphone sensitivity, all you restore a file Audio Video very good.

With its remote control, you can opt for two types of operation or in continuous recording or motion detection with pre-set on a monitor or TV.

All your video and audio files can be time-stamped and accompanied by a counter indelible format video files as MPEG-4, recordings are done on an SDHC memory card 4 to 32 GB.

Real video surveillance system, our hidden camera recorder will give you real results, monitoring children's room, study of behavior, etc. ..


 Capteur 1/3 CCD
 Resolution 550 line TV
 Minimum illumination 0.2 LUX / 30 IRE @ F2.0
 Lens 4.3mm
 Angle of view  78°
 Record Size About 830 Mo / hour
 Resolution camera  (H) 811 x (V) 508
 Memory supports up to 32Go SDHC ( 4go provided)
 Time stamp  yes , date & hour
 Video format MPEG-4
 Video resolution  720 x 576 pixels
 Frame rate  25 fps
 Recording mode motion detection / continuous
 Motion record time  1 / 3 / 5 min
 Motion sensitivity  high / medium / Low
 Indication  LED
 Operation Current  350mA
 Pc Interface USB 2.0
 Dimension  63 x 51 x 43 mm
 Weight 90g


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