Référence : XTC-CAMERA-GSM

Camera MMS and E-mail waterproof infrared stand-alone 5 megapixels with motion detection

Short description :

  • System GSm camera camouflaged waterproof stand-alone compact camera and recorder
  • Works with motion detection with sending SMS / MMS or Mail
  • Real-time alerts or Daily Report with Photo Date and Time
  • Very long battery power around 400 videos or 500 MMS
  • Ultra-high resolution 5 megapixel CMOS
  • SDHC memory card recording up to 16 GB
  • 5MP photo resolution = 2560 × 1920, Video Resolution 640 x 480 to 16 IPS
  • Audio Recording and Adjusting device with laser pointer
  • Infrared System for a range of 10 / 12 Meters
  • Easy to install and comes with remote control and strap


True wireless monitoring tool, our camera XTC GSM is highly effective where it is installed, camouflaged waterproof and compact system equipped with a camera and a built-in recorder that works with motion detection sending time real SMS / MMS or email.

His camera whose sensor has high resolution since it is 5 million pixel CMOS, which allows you to get excellent quality pictures in 2560 × 1920 pixels and video in 640 X 480 to 16 fps.

Our camera register to operate day and night because it is equipped with an infrared system of 37 LEDs for a range of 10 to 12 meters when the light is low.

Our XTC GSM camera has a very long battery life and its consumption in terms of information is about 400 videos (interval = 5min, video length = 10s) or about 500 MMS (using conventional batteries 8 x AA) , using rechargeable batteries, we could not conducted the tests because of time.

Thanks to its integrated cellular phone (GSM), you will be informed instantly on your cell phone or your mail box this happens on the area you have chosen to monitor, you also have the ability to program a hourly daily photo taken in order to receive an MMS, and a daily report by SMS digital data for your analysis needs, acceptable form of different types of messages: Photo, Text Appeal, authentic camera 5 million pixel cell phone built in, it will be possible to have a listen to audio.

Our video surveillance system powered motion detection and allows you to record video to SDHC memory cards up to 16 GB, you also have the ability to program and receive up to 10 phone numbers and 10 Email addresses recipients.

Very easy setup our camera XTC GSM remote control comes with its strap and external fixation. Equipped with a laser pointer for better adjustment of the cone, you can easily determine the area to be monitored.

Active Media Concept is recognized today in protecting people and property with this type of equipment that allows you to monitor your property against theft and vandalism, use your second home, bungalow, sheds hunting etc . wherever digital evidence is required, inside or outside but our camera allows you to register GSM quietly observe wildlife for analytical work, passion or surveillance hunting .


 Image Sensor 5MP Color CMOS
 Lens  F/NO=3.0 FOV(Field of View)=52°
 IR-Flash range  6m or 12m
 Display Screen  1.7” LCD
 Memory Card  From 8 MB to 16 GB
 Picture Resolution  5MP = 2560×1920 3MP = 2048×1536
 Video Resolution 640×480 (16fps) 320×240 (20fps)
 PIR Sensor  Multi Zone
 PIR Sensitivity  Adjustable (High/Normal/Low)
 Trigger Time  1.2s
 Weight  0.30 kg
 Operation/Storage Tem.  -20 - +60°C / -30 - +70°C
 Interval 1s – 60 min.
 Photo Burst  1–3
 Video Length 1–60s
 Power Supply 8×AA or 4×AA
 Stand-by Current  < 0.25 mA (<6mAh/Day)
 Power Consumption  400 videos(interval=5min,video length=10s);
>500 MMS(use 8*AA batteries)
 Low Battery Alert  LED Indicator
Display Screen LCD display on camera
Sound Recording Available
Mounting Rope/Belt/Python lock
Dimensions 140 x87 x55 mm
Operation Humidity 5% - 90%
Security authentication FCC, CE, RoHS


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