Référence : DVR-MIROIR-480

Mirror angle camera color audio video 480 TV lines 0.1 LUX Low Light in Motion Detection

Short description :

  • Sensor Sony 1 / 3 "Color CCD 480 ligne TV and operates at low light 0.1 lux
  • Viewing angles of the camera 130 ° (Wide)
  • 4 Recording Modes: Manual, Scheduled, motion detection, continuous
  • Memory camera recording to SDHC from 4 to 32 GB
  • Sold with foot-pad
  • Camera discreet totally undetectable


Ideal for the fight against theft or shrinkage, the camera mirror is equipped with a Sony CCD camera AV 480 TV lines.

The sensor of the camera Sony 1 / 3 "Color CCD can operate at very low light, because its sensitivity and 0.1 lux, 1 lux for reference is the lighting of a candle to 2 meters away.

The angle of view of our camera discreetly hidden behind the mirror is 130 °, which corresponds to a very wide angle for better monitoring area.

4 recording modes are effective on our video surveillance system.

- 1) a manual mode when you want thanks to its remote control.
- 2) The timed, you decide on a time slot eg (from 18:00 to 21:30)
- 3) A motion detection mode works when a person is trespassing in the surveillance zone
- 4) And a continuous mode which is equivalent to a recording without interruption.

Depending on the mode you want, you can adjust the memory needed for the video surveillance system "camera mirror" from 4 to 32 GB.

Shrinkage is a real scourge for any distributor, retailer and the result is felt after each inventory, much of this comes flying apart from customers and flight personnel (often considered a 50-50 split, but if for clients numerous clients for pilfering unit are unimportant, for the staff it is concentrated on a few individuals for larger amounts). Dismissal for gross misconduct for theft and criminal prosecution will be thanks to video surveillance a major asset in your file relating to legal proceedings.

The camera mirror is designed against theft deterrent by its already, but now you can monitor more sensitive products increased stored in warehouses or sold to customers with a behavioral study on ways of flights through a video recording of the sensitive area .

This mirror equipped with its security surveillance camera will bring all the elements to make the right decisions concerning the location of your articles, behavior and manner of the robberies, surveillance personnel doubtful.


 Sensor of the camera mirror Sony 1/3" Color CCD 
 Max Resolution 640 x 480 pixels à 12 ips
320 x 240 pixels à 30 ips
 Objective wide angle
 System 480 lignes, PAL
 Angle of view 130°
 Codec video MPEG-4 - SP
 Codec audio G.726 / 32kbps
 Format Video .ASF
 Objective Pinhole Lens
 Microphone high senvitivity
 A/V Out 1 CH composite video line out
 Memory card SDHC up 4Go to 32 Go
 Recording Mode manual, sheduled, motion detection, continuous
 Recording quality low, medium, high
 Weight of mirror camera 0,930 kg (pied inclus)
 Alimentation DC 220 Volts
 Température de stockage 0°C  à +50°C, humidité 30% ~ 90%
 Operating Temperature 5°C  à +45°C, humidité 30% ~ 90%
 Mini illumination 0.1 LUX

⌀ 30 cm (diameter) x 4 cm (thickness beyond the foot)
Foot multidirectionnal in height

 Capacity of Card SDHC 4 Go : 10 hours (-/+ 20%), resolution 640 x 480 pixels
  8 Go : 20 hours (-/+ 20%), resolution 640 x 480 pixels
16 Go : 40 hours (-/+ 20%), resolution 640 x 480 pixels
32 Go : 80 hours (-/+ 20%), resolution 640 x 480 pixels


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