Référence : XTC-BOX

Camera Housings type steel anti vandal cmouflage with python Secured Camera XTC-CAMERA

Short description :

  • Only compatible XTC-CAMERA
  • Steel protective casing
  • Aspect camouflage
  • Python secure attachment cable with padlock
  • Steel braided cable ⌀ 8mm


Protect your camera infrared camera with its XTC-proof housing made ​​of steel. It is designed for those who wish to protect their security camera XTC-CAMERA.

The housing is compatible with the camera XTC-CAMERA, it can be mounted on trees or poles for long periods of time results from video recordings (Operating at motion detection).

The protective case has been studied specifically for camera-XTC CAMERA for easy installation, it can be closed with a cable type Python braided steel 8 mm in diameter, secured by a padlock security.

This protective enclosure is weather resistant steel and is coated with a paint film type camouflage, making it a true anti-theft camera surveillance XTC-CAMERA. To discourage thieves and prevent damage that may be caused by animals (volatile).

The concept is innovative, the lock box will allow you to place hidden camera surveillance XTC-CAMERA with confidence, knowing that it will be in the same place and in the same condition when you return.

The combination of XTC-CAMERA and its protective box, you will fight against theft. For effective video surveillance in certain sensitive areas of type: Workshop, warehouse, shed, field, property, but also for hunters.


 Compatible XTC-CAMERA
 Dimensions of the protective case  150 x 70 x 100 mm (hxLxl)
 Dimension of the security cable  1800 mm
 Diameter of cable safety  8 mm



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