Référence : KIT-500-LUN

Kit audio video recorder with classical design glasses 480 lines

Short description :

  • Complete Kit camera and audio recorder microphone video
  • Glasses with conventional integrated audio-video camera sensor 480 lines
  • High recording resolution (Full D1) 720 x 576 pixels at 25 fps
  • Brightness minimum of 1 lux
  • Continuous recording or motion detection
  • The camera glasses are supplied directly by the recorder
  • Micro DVR with LCD TFT 2.4 " resolution
  • Talk Micro recorder for continuous recording time: 4.3 hours
  • timestamp on the records of the mini DVR
  • The recorder supports micro SDHC cards up to 32GB
  • Battery 2200 mAh Li-Ion replaceable / rechargeable



For every mode of recording, you will have between others the possibilities of configurer:
- The type of microphone of your tiny recorder: microphone of the candid camera glasses / microphone of the recorder
- The video resolution of the microphone recorder: 320x240 pixels / 640x480 pixels / 720x576 pixels / 720x480 pixels
- The number of frames per second of the microphone recorder is: 15 / 25 / 30
- The time of sequences recorded by the microphone recorder is: 10 / 20 / 30 minutes
- Horodatage and inlaying (One / Off): metre of picture / dates DD-MM-YYYY HH:MM:SS

To note: you also have possibility with this kit microphone recorder equipped with these glasses discreet cameras to be able to take photography, but also to be able to read media (photo, film or music).This kit numerical recorder linked to true glasses in modern design allows you a video audio recording with a resolution maximum of 720 X 576 pixels 30 frames per second.

Standard format AVI is admitted by all multimedia readers. The recording of files is made on card SDHC going until 32 GO.

Our modern and light glasses equipped with a video audio candid camera included on the facade of the branch into a sensor of 480 Lines TV of which the Resolution of 720 X 625 pixels, what gives you in terms of recording of the high resolution called (Full D1), brightness minimum of our group recorder, and glasses candid cameras and of 1lux. our glasses cameras are directly fed by the numerical recorder what avoids any source of external feeding and any blockage during your audio-video catches.

Our microphone recorder DVR is equipped with a screen LCD TFT 2.4 resolution of which is 920 X 240 pixels what allows you real-time to re-view your video audio files.

Note: Recording high resolution Full D1 corresponds to a resolution used by the Professionals whose characteristics are 720 x 576 pixels up to 30 pictures / second.

Three modes of recording are offered to you for your microphone recorder:

- 1) Recording in the detection of movement : the tiny recorder DVR will start only if there is an activity in front of our tiny camera hidden glasses. The difference with other microphones recorders is that SECOND 20 FIRST ONES before launching will be in your video audio file. With this system of advanced recording of 20 seconds, your sequences will be optimised.

- 2) manual Recording: You are in favour REC with simply the keys of your tiny recorder. The autonomy of the microphone DVR recorder is continuous 3 hours, the Battery 2200 mAh Li-ion is interchangeable / rechargeable.

- 3) The recorder has Recording in a continuous loop with crushing of the most ancient files. An indelible inlaying of date and of the hour on every picture recorded by DVR tiny recorder will help you in your researches of archives and in your judicial, sports applications, dope with you hidden.

Our recorder is therefore going to record audio / video sequences in the format AVI (compression MPEG4) which you will immediately be able to view:
- or on your computer thanks to its cord USB,
- or on your television set via its cord RCA (in A/V OUT),
- or directly on the colour screen TFT-LCD of 2.4 " rear-view mirror lighted in high contrast what will give you a good video quality (during and after recording). A menu with vignettes will help you in that case in the rereading of video recording.


Techique Characteristic Recorder (ref.DVR-500-L)

 Screen 2.4 TFT LCD
 System PAL / NTSC (auto)
 Support file format .AVI
 Picture Resolution 720 x 576 pixels
 Frame rate 25 images / secondes
 Battery life 3,3 Hours
 Motion detection Oui
 While recording Oui


 Interne  43 Mo
Carte SDHC to 1 Go - 32 Go
 Play Video and audio
 Media player movie
 Video file format support


 Memory Consumption 1 heures = 780 Mo
 USB USB 2.0
 Power DC 5V 1A
 IR Yes, up to 5m
 Charging time about 4 hours 30
 Power battery 2200 mA
 Language Anglais / Chinois / Russe
 Size 85 x 55 x 17 mm
 Weight 62 g

 Techique Characteristic Glasses (ref. LUN-SNA)

Systeme Vidéo NTSC / PAL
Built-in image sensor 1/18" pouce CMOS
Digital picture resolution 720 x 525 pixels (max), 640 x 480 pixels (standard)
Resolution camera 480 lignes TV
Lens dimension 5,75 mm
Lens Focal 0.99 mm
F / No Objectif 2.8
Lens Angle of view camera  60° ±2°
Depth of view 1 cm - 10 cm
S/N ratio camera 38 dB


  4V (Lux. sec)
Pixels size 2.5 ɥm  x 2.5 ɥm
Switch system Oui : vidéo et audio
Dimension length of the branche folding 150 mm
face width 140 mm
Compostion glasses

aluminium &
branche in plastic "soft touch"

Glass eye coorless (without correction)
Alimentation camera DC 5 V
Consumption  110 mA
Connector jack 2.5 mm
Camera weight 20g
Lenght cable 1 m + rallonge 90 cm
Output vidéo  1.0 Vp-p
Operating temperature - 10°C à 60°C


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