Référence : DRS-CAR-GPS1

Camera 1.3 Megapixel recording audio / video and GPS acceleration sensor "special vehicle"

Short description :

  • Sensor Camera 1 / 4 CMOS
  • 1.3 million pixels
  • Viewing angle 120 °
  • Only 35 Grams
  • GPS data logger
  • Continuous recording (loop)
  • Registration for the detection of shock or movement
  • Acceleration sensor Accelerometer "three axes"
  • Sound with or without
  • Time stamp (real time)
  • SDHC memory card (8GB included)
  • Power supply 12 or 24V


Put that camera in your vehicle (Taxi, Car Rental, Carrier, armored vans, delivery trucks, patrol vehicles, car police or gendarmerie, etc. ..) you will ensure continuous monitoring.

Small size and weight do not exceed 35 grams, it will be quiet in the chosen location. We recommend that you use the adhesive foot with the camera and paste them on the front windshield of your vehicle.

The camera has a sensor 1 / 4 "CMOS with 1.3 million pixels with a viewing angle of up to 120 °, a GPS module which allows you to track all movements of the camera (or path of a vehicle) via Google Maps and an acceleration sensor and shock, using a gyro sensor and an accelerometer sensor.

The audio / video / GPS / speed will be recorded on the memory card expandable up to 16GB Micro SDHC (8 GB included).
Software will be delivered to read the entire camera functions.

You will be able to record the detection of acceleration, impact detection, continuous (position loop).
TV output on the side of the device will allow you to view recorded video on a TV or monitor.

To power the camera charger 12/24 V will be delivered.

This camera will act as multifunction black box for your vehicle.


Capteur 1/4 CMOS  "1,3 Mégapixel"
Mode d'enregistrement continue / détection de choc / détection d'accélération

sur carte SDHC de 8Go (fourni) extensible jusqu'à 16Go

Minimum illumination  0.5 LUX
Objectif grand angle 120°
Résolution vidéo 640 x 480 (VGA)
Fréquence d'images  30 ips
Compression vidéo MPEG4
Audio  Microphone intégré
Capteur d'accélération / Choc

G-sensor (très sensible) sur 3 axes
Gyroscope interne

Module GPS GPS avec antenne interne
Sortie vidéo oui
Alimentation 12V ou 24V continue
Dimensions 27mm x 27mm x 54mm
Poids 35g

Oui, un logiciel de paramétrage
  et de lecture de donnée


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