Référence : MDVR-720P-CLS

Classic Watch waterproof camera audio video 720p HD resolution 1280 x 720 pixels 8GB memory and MP3

Short description :

  • Audio Recording HD 1280 x 720 pixels
  • Photo Recording HD 1600 x 1200 pixels
  • HQ audio recording. "MP3"
  • Privacy password
  • Data Encryption
  • True MP3
  • Waterproof to 15 feet deep
  • Resin Band
  • True USB 8 GB of memory
  • Classic and modern design
  • Can be used in Web-Cam


This HD watch camera in classic and modern design will fit any wrist. It is a real technological gem, features a mini pinhole camera (pinhole) in the dial virtually undetectable in which technology is at the forefront in terms of audio / Video.

Capture files can be recovered and played on your PC & MAC. The audio recordings are in HD quality videos with a resolution of "1280 x 720 pixels", and photos in HD quality with a resolution of "1600 x 1200" pixels.

Inside the watch camera mp3, an internal memory of 8 GB you can store all your video files, photos and audio. Watch the classic camera and can store all mp3 file type as a real memory stick.

All video files, photos and audio recordings can be encrypted and protected by a password.

The sensor of the micro camera is "1" non-interpolated megapixel, which is provides HD quality never match.

The face of the watch camera MP3 is a "classic" and the bracelet is made of resin. The watch is waterproof camera up to 15 meters maximum.

Autonomy Video recording is near 60 Minutes (in the format. "AVI"), each file can be time-stamped (display time and date).

Integrated into the watch a real player file "MP3", connect a pair of headphones to listen to all MP3 music files stored in the memory of the watch.

The camera shows Mp3 can serve as a webcam connect to a PC.

You can download videos from our raw Shows 720p HD by clicking on the following image:


 Lens  1 Million
 View angle  90°
 Video format   .AVI
 Enconding format  M-JPEG
 Resolution video   1280 X 720 Pixel at 30fps
 Memory used to 20 minutes of video 1.5 Go / 20 min
 Image Format   .JPEG
 Photo sensor  5 megapixels
 Image resolution 1600 x 1200 pixels
 Memory used for one photo about 1,5 Mo / photo
 Audio Format .MP3
 MP3 player Yes
 OS support  PC, Mac et Linux
 Charging the watch camera video  with USB Port
 Memory capacity 8 GO
 Battery high capacity lithium Polymer
 Autonomy in continuous recording video  +/- 60 min
 Storage temperature  -10° à 50°C
 Operating Temperature  -0° à 40°C



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