IPhone dock micro camera motion detection

Short description :

  • Micro camera docking station for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch
  • Micro CCD Camera 450 TV Lines
  • Resolution 720 x 576 @ 25 fps
  • Minimum Illumination 1.5 Lux / F 2.0
  • Angle of 61 °
  • Audio / video motion detection or continuous
  • Operates 24 h / 24 h by AC adapter
  • Timestamp of your video files Date and Time
  • Recording to SDHC up to 32GB


The recording DVR is hidden and built into the wall outlet plug. Once in place, you can set it to motion activation or use the remote control to turn the video camera recording system on and off.

Since the built in covert hidden camera records to a Micro SD card inside the DVR, you can quickly remove the card with the evidence and leave the unit in place for black ops covert video operations as you review evidence and continue the investigation.

This is covert video at it's best giving you law enforcement grade dependable and rugged equipment. The tiny iCharger covert hidden camera hides in plain sight right out in the open and no one would ever suspect that the very product they are plugging their iPhone, iPad or iPod into is covertly video recording everything around it. With motion activation and time/date stamping, it's the perfect covert video recording system for anyone who has an iPhone, iPad or iPod!

Since this high grade covert video recording system is powered by the wall outlet plug, there is no limitations on time nor battery power to worry about. Tiny, simple ingenious and a covert video power pack studio is the only was to describe this.

The new iCharger is a gift that can keep on giving you the covert video evidence you need! The iCharge is really really small! In fact, the iCharge stand itself is a mere 2.5 inches X 2.5 inches by .05 of an inch deep! Gone are the days of needing an old style bulky self contained video camera with DVR systems such as air purifiers and large clock radios is now dead!


 Video Systeme  PAL
 Sensor CCD
 Resolution 450 TVL
 Minimum Illumination 1.5 LUX / F2.0
 Memory SD card supports up to 32 Go
 Time Stamp YYYY.MM.DD    HH:MM:SS
 File Format .AVI, MPEG-4
 Frame rate  25 fps
 Recording Mode Motion detection / Normal (continuous)
 Motion recording time 1 min / 3 min / 5 min
 Motion sensitivity Haute / Moyen / Basse
 Indications  LED
 Operation current 500 mA
 Interface PC USB 2.0
 Dimension Adaptator secteur : 65x51x43 mm  / Dock iPhone : 68x68.5x30 mm
 Weight Adaptator : 81 g / Dock iPhone : 48 g


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