Référence : MDVR-1080P-LE32

Camera waterproof leather watch 1080p HD video camera audio with 32 GB invisible infrared

Short description :

  • Recording Audio Video HD 1920 x 1080 pixels
  • picture HD recording 4092 x 3024 pixels
  • Audio Recording HQ
  • invisible infrared
  • Waterproof up to 30 feet deep
  • Of 12 megapixels picture
  • Autonomy in approximately continuous video recording 150 min
  • True USB key than 32 GB of memory
  • Possibility of using in Web-Cam mode



Micro Sensor HD 1080p

Shows real functional, elegant and modern, perfect in its dial a micro sensor AV 2 million pixels. With a comprehensive registration system, this watch allows you to capture videos, photos and audio recordings all this quietly. Not to mention that the webcam mode when you connect the watch to your PC via USB cable allows you to use the watch as a webcam.
The sensor 2 million pixels at a viewing angle of 90 ° with a minimum illumination of 1Lux.

Three recording modes

The resolution of audio video in HD 1080P is 1920 x 1080p @ 30 fps, the video is recorded in the format. "AVI" readable media players.
HD images are captured in high definition quality with a resolution of 4092 x 3024 pixels, a resolution of 12 megapixels sensor (. JPEG format).
The recording quality is high quality audio, or 192 Kbits / s in. WAV

Infrared night vision

For a vision in the most total darkness, four infrared LEDs are invisible to the eye hidden in the face of the watch. Activated during a video, they will allow you to film in black and white when there will be no light either 0 LUX.

Long battery life and high capacity

Behind the watch mechanism, an internal battery allows the system to operate up to record 150 minutes continuous video mode. (Not infrared).
Memory capacity (internal) is 32 GB, video recording uses about 2 GB of memory for 20 minutes, a picture taken about 1 MB for a photograph and a simple audio recording about 1 MB per minute.

Waterproof & Design

The watch is waterproof camera with these sealing caps can be used up to 30 meters (manufacturer data).
A soft leather strap and adjustable will allow you to adjust the clock for all types of wrist.

You can download videos of our raw watch 1080p HD by clicking the image below:


 Sensor camera watch HD 1080P 2 Million Pixels "non interpolated"
 Viewing angle hidden camera  90°
 Hidden IR Yes, (4 LED infrarouge invisible)
 Minimum Illumination 1 LUX (without IR) 0 Lux (with IR)
 Format Video Recorder watch   .AVI
 Video encoding format  M-JPEG
 Video resolution of the watch camera   1920 X 1080 Pixels at 30 images / seconde
 Size in MB for 20 minutes of video  about 2 Go / 20 min
 Format Photo   .JPEG
 Picture sensor  12 méga pixels
 Résolution Images  4032 x 3024 pixels
 Size in MB for a photo about 1 Mo
 Audio Recording Format .Wav
 Quality audio recording 192 kbits/s
 Size in MB for 1 min audio recording about 1 Mo = 1 minutes
 Supported system  PC, Mac et Linux
 Webcam function Yes
 Charging the watch video USB port on the computer
 Memory of the watch camera  32 GO
 Type of battery the watch HD video  High capacity lithium polymer
 Autonomie enregistrement video continu  about 150 min (no IR)
 Waterproof Yes, up to 30 feet deep
 Storage temperature  -10° à 50°C
 Operating Temperature  -10° à 50°C


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