Micro oreillette à induction sans fil pour téléphone bluetooth

Short description :

  • Micro Headset induction
  • Invisible in the ear headset
  • GSM to headset via Bluetooth
  • All compatible Bluetooth phones
  • No radio interference, inductive technology
  • Ability to listen high quality
  • Talk time up to 8 hours


Handsfree induction

This kit "hands free" wireless communication device is the GSM wireless miniaturized most current and most discreet. It is virtually invisible when the headset induction introduced into the ear of the user.
It will therefore be effective for a discreet communication without arousing the suspicions of those close to ideal for a pedestrian mode or in a vehicle, office, outdoors or in other environments.

Once established, the entire system is very difficult to detect for people around and allow you the greatest discretion necessary in certain telecommunications business applications (security service bodyguard, mystery shopper, etc ...) .

Unlike the telecommunications systems of the same nature as walkie-talkies for example, it provides a simultaneous communication in both directions. That is to say that you can listen while you talk, which is not possible with a walkie-talkie as you must press a button to talk, this strike action discreetly.

Up to 8 hours of talk time

The magnetic induction offers a high quality of reception and transmission, noise filters, amplifies the sound effectively through the absence of radio interference and given the short distance between the collar and the headset induction, This technology uses very little energy while providing excellent sound quality.
The autonomy of the headset can last up to 8 hours of talk continues for two hours of loading. (120 hours in stand-by)

This entire kit is composed of two elements:

- A microphone headset wireless ultraminiaturisée induction of 0.8 grams, including battery for autonomy in the operation of 8 hours. A battery is provided, they are standard and they are easily the market.
- A necklace of communication also induction linking the headset and the phone via Bluetooth.


Cordon bluetooth
 Connexion Bluetooth Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR (BC6)
 Fréquence de fonctionnement  ISM 2.402 ~ 2.480 GHz
 Mode Bluetooth supporté HFP1.5 & HSP1.0
 Puissance transmission Class 2 (8dBm)
 Sensibilité réception -92 dBm
 Puce bluetooth BC6 (BC63C159A03EU)
 Portée de transmission sans fil environ 10 mètres
 Alimentation 5V DC / 300 mA
 Batterie rechargeable lithium 3.7V, 120 mAH
 Temps de chargment < 2 heures
 Temps d'utilisation  > 8 heures
 Sensibilité microphone  - 42 dB
 Autonomie en mode Standby  > 120 heures
 Dimensions 52 x 42 x 12 mm
 Poids  37 g
  Micro Oreillette
 Type transmission induction
 Dimensions  3 x 7.8 x 13.5 mm
 Max sortie audio @ 3kHz 110 dB
 Type batterie 1 x Pile 337 SR416SW / 1.55V
 Autonomie batterie < 6 heures
 Poids 0.8 g


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