Référence : PC-HD-5M

Caméra Key ring HD 720P

Short description :

  • True HD H.264 720P key chain DVR
  • Smallest 5 mega pixels pin-hole camera
  • 720P high definition video, 1280 x 720, H.264, 30fps, .mov format
  • 5 mega pixels photos, JPEG format: 2592 x1944
  • Use as a dash camera with continuous recording
  • Perfect for covert surveillance
  • Vibration alert on video recording and photo shooting
  • Easy connection with PC/laptop, no driver needed
  • Built-in rechargeable high volume lithium-ion battery
  • Can be used as USB storage device


HD 720P

Keychain Camera with Audio Recorder / HD video and photo shoot 720P HD.
This keychain HD camera features a CMOS sensor 5 megapixel "non-interpolated", which means that the video format and photos have been enlarged from the original format of the sensor.

HD Photo & Video HD

The camera records video in high definition with a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels at 30 frames per second, better known under the name of video "HD 720P" in ". MOV".
The keychain camera can capture HD-quality photos with a resolution of 2592 x 1944 pixel format. "JPEG". (These formats are readable by all types of media players such as VLC, Windows Media Player, QuickTime ...)


The sensor of the keychain is hidden on the flank of the camera and its microphone. Three buttons allow you to either turn on / off the device, record video and capture a photo.
Recordings are stored on a memory card Micro SDHC up to 32GB of memory, a microSDHC card 4GB of memory will be included with the keychain.

The keychain camera 720P is compatible with all computers (Windows, Linux and Macintosh).


You can of course, you use the memory as a USB key by connecting the USB cable from your computer to the keychain.
To replay all your video files, photos and audio connected the USB cable and copy them on your computer. This will avoid moving freely in an HD video file playback.

Long battery life

The autonomy of the key chain for continuous recording is about 120 minutes continuous video recording.

You can use this camera keychain in any circumstance where its small size and low weight not exceeding 37 grams.
Integrating this camera in a professional or an amateur you will have a video recording, picture in high definition quality.

Used in many circumstances, our keychain is the latest technology in micro camera. This key chain camera takes HD video recordings, photos and audio and eliminates the need to transport bulky equipment.

You can download videos of our raw camera keychain by clicking on the following image :


Capteur porte clef caméra HD CMOS 5 Mégapixels "non interpoler"
Illumination minimum 1.3 LUX
Angles de vue 68°
Objectif pinhole 0.7 mm
Résolution vidéo 640×480@ 30 IPS ; 1280×720@ 30 IPS
Format vidéo HD   .MOV
Mémoire vidéo utilisé 720P HD +/- 1,5 Go  / 30 minutes
Format photo HD .JPEG
Résolution photo HD 12 mégapixels 2952 x 1944 pixels
Mémoire utilisée pour une photo HD  +/- 1.5 Mo
Horodatage Oui
Système supporté PC & Mac
Type de batterie 700mA Li-on batterie
Chargement du porte clé caméra HD   Port USB de l'ordinateur (4 heures)
Autonomie en enregistrement vidéo continu  +/- 120 minutes
Type de Mémoire Carte microSDHC
Mémoire Maximum 32Go (4Go inclus)
Alerte vibration On / Off / Enregistrement / Photo
Dimensions 71 x 35 x 16 mm
Poids 32 grammes
Température de stockage - 5° à 40°C
Température de fonctionnement  0° à 40°C


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